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Property Maintenance

Property and Landscape Maintenance Programs

Property & Landscape Maintenance are jobs that never seem to end, and well, they don’t. There are so many ongoing maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of throughout the year., it can become a little overwhelming, not to mention the expense of the equipment. These tasks can include items like lawn mowing or weeding, to the larger more dangerous tasks of gutter cleaning or even cleaning around the property with a pressure washer.  All these tasks take up your time, the time you could be spending with family or just relaxing. What if you own a business or commercial property? You want your entrance and windows looking good for a good professional presence and appearance to potential and returning customers.

Islanders Outdoor Maintenance was brought together with the mind that one great maintenance company could assist everyone with these daunting tasks at a reasonable and affordable price, while still offering a personalized and professional service.  Currently most people call one person for each on of these tasks, some of these people are insured and reputable and others, well, let’s just not talk about it! We are licenced and fully insured (3 Million Liability), and WorkSafeBC Compliant. We are also BBB Accredited and work tightly with our community to build it and make it better!

A good preventative maintenance program with Islanders can save you thousands in years to come as we can detect building deficiencies and/or issues which could arise later are not dealt with properly. We also have a vast collection of licenced, insured, and respected contractors from all areas which help and assist us when needed, which gives you piece of mind and comfort knowing your property is in good hands.

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