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Power & Pressure Washing


Commercial & Residential Washing

  We only use professional Pressure Washing and Power Washing Equipment and practices, to ensure that your residential or commercial property will not be damaged during any of our cleaning services. We specialize in the removal of mold, dirt, and mildew from metal or concrete roof’s or building sidings. Roof Cleaning, Driveway or Walkway restorations, and of course House Washing.

The Curb Appeal and Clean Appearance of your Commercial Property reflects the Pride and Commitment you have to your Customers, and Future Customers. Choosing Islanders Outdoor Maintenance is the Best Preventive Maintenance Solution to this Problem. Keep your concrete, sidewalk’s, buildings, and store front’s free from oil, dirt, gum, mildew, heavy soils.

Islanders works with you and your staff to ensure all projects are done with little to no interference with business if possible.


Fleet Washing

  As a professional company we spend thousands of dollars on decals and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles and you want them looking good as well. Commercial fleet washing is one of Islanders Outdoor Maintenance’s major specialties and we take pride in our work to keep the image of our clients looking squeaky clean. By listening to our clients needs and creating custom fleet cleaning packages that work for their companies’ budget and their needs.


Graffiti Removal & More

Removing graffiti in the swiftest way possible is a business and commercial property owner’s best line of defense against experiencing a variety of negative consequences. Removing it quickly is also the best possible deterrent in keeping it away, because graffiti artists will be less likely to express themselves on a canvas if their work is erased without a trace in hasty fashion. Islanders Outdoor Maintenance uses the proper power washing & pressure washing equipment and solutions that have the proper intention to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Brick walls, concrete surfaces and even most painted surfaces. We also only use plant based and Eco-friendly products to not damage the landscape or property near the affected areas.

Soft Washing & Hand Washing


Low Pressure & Hand Washing

 Low pressure cleaning is a gentle method to clean more delicate surfaces by using water under low pressure and other safe cleaning agents and surfactants. It is safe enough to put your hand in front of yet powerful enough to clean and kill mold and bacteria. Low pressure house washing also protects against surface damage that can be done by high pressure washing. 



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